Chinese Daruma Pink Clivia miniata Plant No. 609 Compact Bronze Green Throat

Welcolme to Colorado Clivia Company

Presented here are the plant and software products of our collection of Clivia miniata, gardenii, robusta, nobilis, mirabilis, caulescens and interspecifics. View our collection, examine our offerings and enjoy your visit.

"Clivias are undeniably aristocrats of horticulture. They are classed among the most desirable of all connoisseur plants, offering not only spectacular flowers, but also interesting variations in both leaf varigation and plant form....The name Clivia is pronounced 'klive-ee-ah' and it describes a genus of southern African plants belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae that are named in honor of Lady Charlotte Florentia Clive." From Clivias by Harold Koopowitz.

What's New

New Varieties in Our Store

Several new varieties of Clivia miniata have been added to our store. Yellows, pinks, and oranges in various sizes are included in the new additions. Check them out by clicking on "Our Store" in the menu bar at the top of this page.

New Gallery Section

A new gallery section has been added to this website. Right now there are two galleries, one covering last fall's gardenii blossoms, and a second one covering this spring's miniata and interspecific blossoms. We expect to be adding galleries for this fall's gardenii blossoms in the near future.

About Us

Colorado Clivia Company is the home to a collection of Clivia, a plant native to South Africa. Most of this collection includes very special genetic characteristics. We are always on the lookout for smaller more compact plants, wider leaves, fuller umbels, larger blossoms, and unusual colors within the six Clivia species. Each year we take special care to add new and interesting items to our collection, many imported from South Africa and other countries. And using the collection we periodically produce seeds, seedlings, and plants so we can share the exciting things we have found or developed. We would encourage all to go to Our Store to view our current offerings.

We have developed and sell Clivia Access. Clivia Access is a personal computer software program designed to assist growers, breeders, and collectors of Clivia and other rare plants in their efforts. Our Store has permanent and free evaluation versions of Clivia Access. We use the software, and like other users find it very supportive of our collection efforts.

Our collection of almost 2000 plants is housed in a commercial greenhouse located in the western suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Here we enjoy a climate with over 300 sunny days per year, and because of our mile high ground elevation, a brighter, more intense sunlight than found in many parts of the United States. Our greenhouse is generally not open to the public, but if you via email, we would be happy to arrange a special tour.

Contact Us

In addition to the email contact link just listed and shown in the lower left corner of this web page, you can also contact us using the following addresses: